IP68 LED Lights
Made in Russia
Totally sealed capsule
from optical polymer
Fully waterproof
LED luminaires
Manufacture of custom-design
luminaires for individual projects
Complete production
cycle in Russia
Resistance to salt, chloride,
chemical agents
IP68/+ice: functioning in
water and ice, at -50°C to +50°C
Turn-key ready design and
installation; RGB lighting
Stainless steel body resistant
to mechanical impacts

linear luminaires

The linear IP68 lamps which are built in soil ice. Unique models with a bend on radius for creation of the shining rings.

TRIF | IP68 LED lights. Engineering manufacturing company

Justification of the need for the IP68/+ice standard for ground lights used in Russia

Nowadays the majority of outdoor lighting fixtures available in the market feature the protection class IP67 or lower. Choosing a luminaire, keep in mind the IP67 standard provides for functioning only during short-term immersion in water! Such lights are not tailored to work in the Russian climate zones, amid heavy rains, snowfalls and frosts down to -50 °C.

October to March, the greater part of Russia's territory experiences below-zero temperatures and frequent thaws. The soil is frozen, so the ground-mounted lights have to withstand the significant deformations of the frozen ground. In urban environments, chemical agents are often used; the luminaires are subject to mechanical impacts every time the streets are cleared from snow and ice. This means, for half a year the luminaires work in ice or water mixed with salt and sand, exposed to the impacts of heavy-duty vehicles and studded snow tires. With that, the groundwater control and drainage systems fail to work as the ground is frozen down to 1 meter deep.

That's why the TRIF engineers believe ground lights protected by the standards IP67 or lower (which do not envisage constant functioning under water) are unsuitable for use in Russia! The IP68 protection level (functioning while immersed) isn't sufficient either: although luminaires of this standard can work in water, no one can guarantee their functioning while encased in ice or subject to chemical impacts. The next protection level, IP69K, enables lighting fixtures to withstand high-temperature, high-pressure washing; however, this protection standard does not guarantee functioning in ice and under strong mechanical impacts. We believe what's necessary to ensure flawless work in the Russian climate is outdoor LED luminaires protected by the standard IP68/+ice+salt+3 mm stainless steel.

Our manufacture and sealing technology allows to produce absolutely waterproof IP68/+ice LED lighting fixtures that are capable of functioning flawlessly in water and ice, withstanding the impacts of heavy-duty vehicles, studded snow tires and corrosive chemical agents. Moreover, models of the ANTI-VANDAL version can withstand vandal forays and even airgun shots!

You can find additional information on the IP standards in the article Comparison of Luminaire Protection Classes.


For Design & Engineering Organizations

  • Design of LED lights for individual projects with any technical specifications, including anti-vandal luminaires;
  • Turn-key ready design and installation; design of dynamic RGB lighting;
  • Rostest and Euro-TUV certifications of compliance with IP68;
  • Own manufacturing facilities in Russia and multi-stage quality control allow us to participate in the import phase-out programs;
  • All the required tender documents on hand;
  • The possibility for replacing old luminaires of other manufacturers without re-embedding the fittings;
  • The most high-quality and durable materials and the unique sealing technology of own development ensure over 100,000 hours of non-stop functioning;
  • A 3-year warranty: should a luminaire malfunction, we will replace it.